Helideck Certification and Management

About Helideck Operations

Helideck Operations, are able to provide worldwide helideck certification, inspection, auditing and compliance services to vessels (including superyachts) and offshore platforms operating helicopters. Additionally, Helideck Operations are able to provide operational support that includes training, publications and manuals, and the provision of trained helideck aircraft handling crews. As an independent body, Helideck Operations delivers unbiased, expert opinion, assurance and certification on helideck design and the procedures associated with safe offshore aviation operations.

Why choose Helideck Operations?

Using Helidata, Helideck Operations' own proprietary helideck management system software, optimised to meet the needs of the customer, Helideck Operations can provide continuous compliance oversight and monitoring to reduce risk and improve efficiency. Using international and national regulatory standards, Helideck Operations guarantees the highest standards of safety beyond compliance.

The highest standard of helideck safety

Helideck management system software, optimised to meet the needs of the customer

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